Module Catalogues

Introduction to Research Methods II

Module Title Introduction to Research Methods II
Module Level Level 4
Module Credits .00
Academic Year 2023/24
Semester SEM2

Aims and Fit of Module

As part II of dissertation training, this modular ALA intends to introduce the dissertation process from identifying a dissertation topic, seeking dissertation supervision, conducting the project to writing dissertation report. It aims at enhancing students’ competence in enhancing dissertation quality and equipping them with necessary skills of disseminating data in spoken and written forms.

Learning outcomes

A. Demonstrate the ability to manage their time efficiently and effectively against deadlines.
B. Identify a suitable dissertation topic and make use of information relevant to their project
C. Produce a feasible and appropriate dissertation plan
D. Manage data and generate findings in a critical manner

Method of teaching and learning

Further foster independent learning, under the guidance of a supervisor. This ALA module intends to support communication between students and their potential supervisors. Seminars give guidance to students on how to approach dissertation process in a timely manner.