Module Catalogues

Introduction to China Studies

Module Title Introduction to China Studies
Module Level Level 0
Module Credits 5.00
Academic Year 2021/22
Semester SEM2

Aims and Fit of Module

This module aims to prepare students to enter the BA China Studies programme. It will provide students with a broad introduction to the study skills and learning practices necessary to study Humanities and Social Sciences. It will introduce the students to the three major thematic and disciplinary areas they will encounter in their degree: Chinese Culture & History; Chinese Society & Social Change; Chinese Politics & Economy. The students will begin to understand some of the disciplinary distinctions inherent in the study of China. They will also be introduced to interdisciplinary approaches to help them link these thematic areas. The module will help students begin to understand social sciences methodologies and techniques as well as the ways in which China’s experience fits into the social science literature.

Learning outcomes

Students completing the module successfully should:
A. Demonstrate a basic understanding of the disciplinary foundations of China Studies as an academic pursuit.
B. Show an awareness of the major areas of research and learning within China Studies, as well as the links between them.
C. Use basic vocabulary and writing skills necessary to pursue a degree in China Studies.
D. Demonstrate an understanding of learning practices and techniques in the Humanities & Social Sciences.

Method of teaching and learning

Each week will contain two hours of lectures. One hour of lecture will be related to China Studies topics, and one hour will be related to learning practices in the Humanities and Social Sciences. There will be a two-hour seminar that will cover a different theme or disciplinary area each week.
Some seminars may be co-taught by staff from the English Language Centre, who will use activities to further develop the English language skills of students within the context of China Studies.
Students may also be provided with online language/study skills support from the English Language Centre (ELC) to help them engage with module content.