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China’s History: 1027 BCE-1927 AD

Module Title China’s History: 1027 BCE-1927 AD
Module Level Level 1
Module Credits 5.00
Academic Year 2021/22
Semester SEM1

Aims and Fit of Module

This module provides an introduction to Chinese history of the pre-imperial and imperial periods and to the scholarly literature devoted Chinese history and China’s historical relations with other cultures and civilizations.

Learning outcomes

A. Have a clear understanding of the periods of Chinese history and the differences between them.
B. Understand what caused historical change over time.
C. Be aware of the principal debates in the academic literature about Chinese history.
D. Be familiar with primary sources about Chinese history.
E. Understand the historical relationships between China and her neighbors in Asia.
F. Develop an understanding of Chinese history in an international context.
G. Understand the difference between Chinese historical writing and the historical traditions of other cultures.
H. Have an understanding of the breadth and depth of the international China Studies literature on Chinese history.
I. Engage in collaboratively work on a research project or topic.
J. Demonstrate a capacity for independent research.

Method of teaching and learning

Lectures and seminars for rehearsal of topics