Module Catalogues

Environmental Studies

Module Title Environmental Studies
Module Level Level 3
Module Credits 2.50
Academic Year 2020/21
Semester SEM1

Aims and Fit of Module

The aim of the module is to integrate the concepts of renewable energy and environmental engineering within the Civil Engineering profession, as well as to associate environmental chemistry, biology, water quality modelling and contaminant transport with the environmental impacts of industrial projects to natural water bodies and groundwater. The module also aims to provide guidance on the compilation of Environmental Impact Assessments.

Learning outcomes

A. Combine the principles of chemistry, biology and contaminant transport to water quality as well as pollutant prediction and dispersion in aquatic and groundwater systems.
B. Analyse the complex processes occurring in natural water bodies (eutrophication, acidification, stratification) and correlated those with water quality parameters and pollutants.
C. Apply the most common mathematical models for the simulation of contaminant/pollutant fate and transport.
D. Assess the environmental impacts associated with Civil Engineering projects and produce Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) reports.

Method of teaching and learning

The module is taught through formal lectures and class tutorials.