Module Catalogues

Advanced Skills for Academic Success

Module Title Advanced Skills for Academic Success
Module Level Level 1
Module Credits 5.00
Academic Year 2021/22
Semester SEM1

Aims and Fit of Module

To extend students’ general and academic English language and study skills, with an emphasis on critical thinking and independent learning, in order to allow them to function more effectively in other university modules, as well as in their overall academic career.
This module has been developed to provide an alternative pathway for students who have already comfortably met the English language requirement for a UK Tier 4 visa (CEFR B2 level) by either achieving a score of 70 or above in Year 1 EAP or by gaining direct entry to Year 2, and who are thereby eligible to opt out of a year-long 10 credit EAP module in Year 2.

Learning outcomes

A. demonstrate a range of academic research skills, e.g. the ability to choose a suitable research topic, develop research questions, find and evaluate source material
B. demonstrate a range of academic writing skills, e.g. the ability to paraphrase, summarise, synthesise source material, construct an argument, use a referencing system
C. demonstrate a range of academic speaking skills, e.g. the ability to contribute to and develop a discussion, take and justify a position, offer and appropriately respond to constructive criticism
D. demonstrate a range of academic reading skills, e.g. the ability to distinguish main ideas from details, identify and evaluate arguments including the student's own, proofreading strategies

Method of teaching and learning

Students will have four hours of classroom contact time (seminars) and approximately 8 hours of self-study per week. The seminars will be conducted using various EAP teaching approaches and methodologies that encourage students to discover meaning and knowledge independently and through working with peers. There will be a focus on general EAP skills, including the academic listening, reading, writing and speaking skills required to complete assignments, coursework and examinations.
Students will also be given guidance on, and opportunities to practice the various skills mentioned in the learning outcomes. The self-study activities will be extensions and/or consolidation of work carried out in the seminars.
No more than two classes per semester (four hours) will be replaced with one-on-one or group tutorials.