Module Catalogues

The Chinese Economy and Financial System

Module Title The Chinese Economy and Financial System
Module Level Level 4
Module Credits 5.00
Academic Year 2017/18
Semester SEM2

Aims and Fit of Module

The principle aim of this module is to provide students with a deep and broad understanding of the economic and financial structure of the Chinese economy. This is to be accomplished by an in depth analysis of current published academic research of both a theoretical and empirical nature. The second aim of the module is to deepen the students’ understanding of the empirical and theoretical literature in economics and financial economics through careful application to China-related issues. In other words, students will deepen their stand-alone knowledge of economics and financial economics through an examination of China-related literature.

Learning outcomes

A.Demonstrate the skill set necessary to synthesize and extend published high quality research into original research on the Chinese economy and Financial System.
B.Demonstrate a strong appreciation of the foundation for writing an outstanding PhD dissertation on topics related to (but not limited to) the Chinese economy and financial system employing cutting edge tools used in published academic work of both a theoretical and empirical nature.
C.Demonstrate an intuitive familiarity with the critical macroeconomic and financial challenges confronting Chinese policy makers.
D.Demonstrate deep awareness of the critical sources of data needed to conduct research related to the Chinese economy and financial structure.
E.Demonstrate in-depth understanding of the current state of play in theoretical academic research related to the Chinese economy and financial structure.
F.Successfully complete a substantial piece of independent research presented in the form of a scholarly research paper.
G.To apply tools and skills acquired in the MSc Economics modules to analyze and solve a specific set of economic and financial problems in the Chinese context.
H.Demonstrate breadth and depth of knowledge in a specific subject area in economics or financial economics, or both.
I.Creatively translate and apply economic and financial constructs to a complex and very unique economy such as China.
J.Conduct independent research that is driven by intellectual curiosity, intellectual depth and acquired skills appropriate for Master’s level.

Method of teaching and learning

The format is a seminar with both lecture material presented by the instructor and academic papers summarized and critiqued by the seminar participants. At each seminar meeting two papers will be discussed based upon mutual interest of the instructor and students. Not all topics in the course syllabus will be covered; topics which will be the basis for selection. Selection of papers will be based on several criteria – academic quality (in some cases flawed quality), broad applicability (to a broad class of economies and financial systems), relevance to the China situation and timeliness in terms of current research by the academic community.