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MRes Project (Dissertation)

Module Title MRes Project (Dissertation)
Module Level Level 4
Module Credits 40.00
Academic Year 2020/21
Semester SEM1

Aims and Fit of Module

This module aims to provide guidance and training in the skills required for electrical power and energy technology related research under the supervision of a member of academic staff. It is also an opportunity for students to plan, carry out and control a research project at the forefront of their academic discipline, field of study or area of professional practice.

Learning outcomes

A Have an expert knowledge and capability in offering critical insight into all aspects of working as an individual engineer to complete an engineering task with a complexity that is comparable with those encountered in industry or academia.
B Demonstrate a critical account and in-depth understanding of the literature associated with their project topic;
C Define/specify/classify a specific engineering problem and perform research and information gathering;
D Effectively apply their knowledge and skills in an integrated manner in resolving the specified research problem;
E Plan/design simulation/experimental work using suitable techniques and procedures with necessary training for related safety issues;
F Critically evaluate the project outcomes and make an original contribution to knowledge.

Method of teaching and learning

Regular meetings/consultations with supervisor; laboratory and other investigative work under direct/indirect supervision (as appropriate); preparation of proposal, interim and final reports, poster or web-page and oral presentation.
The timeline for the assessments are described here:
Choosing a Project: At the end of Semester 1, students are expected to have identified a project based on their own interests, industry-related company proposals or from a list of projects proposed by EEE academic staff.
Conduct of the MRes project: The project will last for 12 months and it is composed of 4 reviews:
- - Specification (documentation) at around Week 3 of Semester 2
- - Interim report at around Week 14 of Semester 2
- - Oral Presentation (which may include software demonstration) at around Week 12 of Semester 3
- - Dissertation at around Week 14 of Semester 3.
These reviews are each carried out by two members of staff, and give opportunity for monitoring progress and giving formative feedback. A nominated member of staff is available to students for every week of the project to provide direction and advice as needed.