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Scripted Drama Production

Module Title Scripted Drama Production
Module Level Level 2
Module Credits 10.00
Academic Year 2020/21
Semester ACYR

Aims and Fit of Module

The module aims to build on students’ skills, knowledge and understanding of film production established in Year 2, FHEQ level 4, through engaging students in practical group project work, developing, shooting and editing a scripted short drama production.
Either writing a fresh script or going through the process of re-writing and polishing scripts written for COM104 (FTA 102) Screenwriting for Film and TV, students will draw upon tutorial guidance to develop a script; and each production group will adapt their chosen script for screen.
Through a series of practical hands-on workshops, production tutorials and seminars, each group will develop a shooting script and shooting schedule prior to undertaking filming and post production. The module will encourage the development of production specialisms and an understanding of the various roles involved in single camera, location based scripted drama production, including writing, directing, producing, production management, camera, lighting, location sound recording, editing and post-production. Students will also be required to write ongoing production analyses, critiquing the contexts for their work in broader scripted drama production debates.

Learning outcomes

A contribute as part of a team in the creative development of a drama script through production development to screen;
B operate an appropriate range of production equipment and demonstrate an understanding of technical theory;
C work in a team, showing the ability to listen, contribute and lead;
D critically analyse self-driven production work with reference to appropriate debates and conventions.
E. Reflect regularly on the creative process and their creative role within the team.

Method of teaching and learning

This module will be taught over two semesters, with the teaching pattern in the two semesters being slightly different from each other. While the first semester will concentrate on the development of the script and pre-production planning, the second semester will concentrate on the production and delivery of short scripted drama. So, the teaching pattern will conform to the stages of production. In the first semester, each week will have one hour of lectures, where students will be introduced to a new production topic. This will be followed by an intensive seminar session, in order to help students apply their learning into their particular filmmaking situation. In the second semester, the intensive seminar sessions will give way to equally intensive practical sessions of filming and post production work in lab/ practical settings. Students will also be supported by seminars, which will mainly check on progress and teach them techniques to firefight any production issues that arise.