Module Catalogues

Producing Craft and Practice

Module Title Producing Craft and Practice
Module Level Level 2
Module Credits 10.00
Academic Year 2024/25
Semester ACYR

Aims and Fit of Module

This optional module runs across two semesters and is aimed at students who want to take up creative producing seriously. It builds on the work that they have done at Level 4 in their Introduction to Production module. The module provides an opportunity for the creative producer to explore their craft by understanding the demands made on them as they produce short sequences or short film or paper-based project. Specifically, the module is designed to: Give student producers a greater understanding of the theories and principles behind producing fiction Enable student producers to engage with the creative production process, and see themselves as a creative producer who is ‘first in, last out’. So, to help them develop ideas that have a chance of being commissioned or financed Engage student producers to think of themselves in the gobal context, especially in terms of raising finance, global co-productions and the relationship between financing a film, turning in a profit, marketing and distribution in a digital age Engage student producers to think of themselves in the global context. Enable student producers to understand the market for films to use this understanding in order to see the relationship between pre-production, marketing, distribution and delivery Help student producers graduate from production management tasks to the art of producing in order to achieve their creative vision Empower student producers to co-create with writers, directors, crew and post-production in order to realize a creative vision Further enable student producers to demonstrate the ability to critically reflect on their decision making and place it within a historical context Gain an understanding of how producers negotiate contracts, fees, deals etc. so that they can conduct themselves at a professional level

Learning outcomes

A.Discuss, analyse and critique the producing of films by understanding the relationship between the Producer, on-screen creativity, talent and finance. B.Collaborate and communicate with writers, directors, actors, crew and post production staff in developing projects for the screen C.Pitch projects, both verbally and in writing by creating a project proposal D.Run productions during the shooting period or a paper-based project and engage with the creative team, during pre-production, production and post-production to create a production pack of relevant paperwork. E.Understand global finance, co-productions, marketing and distribution F.Create marketing and/or agreed deliverables for a short film or paper-based project.

Method of teaching and learning

The teaching sessions are divided into lectures, seminars and fieldwork. The lecture series will only run in the first semester, when students will further their understanding of producing in a global context. The seminars will provide the opportunity to develop as a producer, learning all the skills that are involved in creative producing. The fieldwork will involve going on recces and sorting out location shooting or a shoot plan for a paper-based project.