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Major TV Studio Project

Module Title Major TV Studio Project
Module Level Level 3
Module Credits 15.00
Academic Year 2024/25
Semester ACYR

Aims and Fit of Module

Run over two semesters this module engages students working in groups in the production of a significant media project as the culmination of their undergraduate practical film production studies. This may take the form of Documentary (maximum 10-20 minutes), Drama (maximum 10-12 minutes) or another genre in consultation with their module convenor. It may also be a paper-based exercise for students who are unable to attend campus for their studies and who cannot make a practical project. Pitching sessions will be held where production groups pitch their proposals prior to each production being given a green light to proceed. Each production group will have a supervising tutor who they will meet regularly with for production tutorials through the year. Pitches can be by groups or individuals and may be online, pre-recorded or in person to accommodate off-campus students. A series of practical and technical workshops will be run throughout semester 1, and where possible visiting media industry professionals and practitioners will also present workshops and lectures, in addition to subject specialism workshops delivered by departmental staff. In the case of groups working in the documentary genre, filming of subjects may take place in the case they need access to subjects over a period of time. Typically students will enter production filming and post-production of the project, and ongoing tutorial support in semester 2. Off-campus students will be able to attend workshops virtually where applicable. In addition to the group production, each group will be required to submit a substantial Production File, evidencing the production planning, development and management. Off-campus students will submit a planning production file based upon an agreed idea.

Learning outcomes

A.Evidence advanced skills in media production, as demonstrated in individual roles and team work, and culminating in the production of an original production or an agreed plan for a major production (for off-campus students) B.Demonstrate advanced skills in research and media management; C.Negotiate and pitch a proposal to a hypothetical commissioning panel; D.Critically evaluate and contextualise production or production planning work, within appropriate industrial and critical contexts via a written, critical essay.

Method of teaching and learning

Lectures, practical workshops in studio and lab environments, tutorials, group presentations, critical reflection (both in person and/or online).