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Consumer Behaviours

Module Title Consumer Behaviours
Module Level Level 1
Module Credits 5.00
Academic Year 2021/22
Semester SEM2

Aims and Fit of Module

Given that the understanding of how consumers behave has been highlighted as one of the fundamental issues which serve to establish the identity of the field of marketing, the aim of this module is to develop the student's knowledge and understanding of the basic theory and applications in relation to consumer behaviour.
Specifically, this module provided students with the means to develop a critical appreciation of the theory of consumer behaviour; in particular to evaluate the contribution of this knowledge to our understanding of marketing to enable students to reflect on the relationship of this theory to marketing practice

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of this module, students will be able to
A. Comprehend the nature and scope of the field of consumer behaviour
B. Evaluate the contribution of cognitive psychology to the development of our understanding of consumer behaviour
C. Identify the dimensions and limitations of a behaviourist perspective on consumer behaviour
D. Evaluation the role and significance of external influences on consumer behaviour, including culture and reference groups
E. Appreciate how an understanding of consumer behaviour might be used to develop marketing strategy
F. Develop critical perspectives on the use and importance of consumer research

Method of teaching and learning

The module involves a range of teaching strategies including lectures, student-led tutorials and case studies. Additional material will be in the form of web-based reading and research, selected texts, journal articles and contemporary magazines and press articles. Independent research and study will be encouraged throughout to complement group work activities.
Students will be exposed to case studies on a range of marketing related issues, and will be given the opportunity to apply their learning to real consumer research opportunities/problems.
Student led tutorial will facilitate the sharing of knowledge and experiences of cohort members.
In addition, this course will include 14 new cases with a focus on global companies and the end of chapter cases will show students the real life application of the concepts for each lecture and how real companies use consumer behaviour to create marketing strategies.