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Project Management

Module Title Project Management
Module Level Level 4
Module Credits .00
Academic Year 2021/22
Semester SEM2

Aims and Fit of Module

This Additional Learning Activity (ALA) provides students with an understanding of project management, its principles and practices in contemporary project environments as well as the strategies, tools, and techniques to achieve successful project-implementation outcomes.

Learning outcomes

A Establish a critical understanding of project-management components, processes, strategies, and methodologies.
B Apply a range of techniques to determine, document, and refine project goals, performance requirements, deliverables, constraints, scheduling, budgeting, and quality assurance in the life cycle of a project.
C Understand and apply various risk-management approaches, risk-evaluation techniques, and contingency planning.

Method of teaching and learning

Teaching and learning activities employ the case-based and peer-assisted approach. Students learn by familiarising themselves with basic theoretical concepts and preparing case studies prior to each face-to-face session. An e-learning platform is also deployed to reinforce their understanding of relevant theories and key issues in the case studies as well as to facilitate assignment submissions and resolve queries about applications. Students are encouraged to explore the issues critically with reference to the reading list provided.