Module Catalogues

Critical Thinking: The Self and The World

Module Title Critical Thinking: The Self and The World
Module Level Level 1
Module Credits 5.00
Academic Year 2021/22
Semester SEM2

Aims and Fit of Module

This module is designed to further develop students’ English language, critical thinking and independent learning skills. It also introduces students to concepts related to critical thinking, such as perception and thought.
LAN102 has been developed as an optional second-semester module for students who have demonstrated sufficiently high English language ability to opt-out of a year-long 10 credit EAP module. It is also available to direct entry Year 2 students or equivalent.

Learning outcomes

A. demonstrate the ability to write a well-supported and convincing argument on a lecture topic (reading and writing skills)
B. demonstrate the ability to find and integrate materials from a range of relevant academic resources to support an argument (research and source integration skills)
C. deliver a persuasive presentation to an academic audience (speaking skills)
D. demonstrate an understanding of module topics related to thought and thinking critically (knowledge development)
E. demonstrate critical thinking skills, e.g. by analysing, evaluating and making judgments about arguments and evidence, by showing awareness of different perspectives, or by demonstrating an ability to respond to counter-arguments (critical thinking skills)

Method of teaching and learning

This module will be jointly delivered by the English Language Centre and the School of Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS). Typically, half of the weekly lectures will be delivered by HSS lecturers, with the other half delivered by ELC lecturers. ELC lecturers will be responsible for seminars and other contact hours. Lectures will usually be recorded for further critical and linguistic analysis.
The module will follow the same weekly pattern. Each week, there will be a two-hour lecture followed by a two-hour seminar.
Classroom delivery, including smaller tutorials and seminars, will be supplemented by regularly assigned guided self-study activities.
No more than two classes per semester (four hours) will be replaced with one-on-one or group tutorials
Speaking coursework assessment will typically take place during one of the teaching weeks