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Learning, Teaching and Assessment

Module Title Learning, Teaching and Assessment
Module Level Level 4
Module Credits 5.00
Academic Year 2021/22
Semester ACYR

Aims and Fit of Module

This module is part of a professional development programme for teaching staff at XJTLU, and all the aims take into consideration the XJTLU context. Its aims are:
• To introduce participants to current theories of learning, teaching and assessment.
• To promote a range of strategies that lead to the enhancement of learning and teaching in higher education, and within a transnational context, including evaluation, reflective practice and engagement with colleagues.
• To provide an underpinning base of knowledge in relation to assessment in higher education.
• To introduce participants to the use of technology in higher education.
• To facilitate the development of inclusive practice.
• To generate awareness of, and engagement with, the UK Professional Standards Framework.
The aims of this module are aligned with the UK Professional Standards Framework, which is mapped to Programme-level learning outcomes and module assessments. See Programme Specifications for details. Alignment of module learning outcomes and UKPSF dimensions is also indicated in the table below.

Learning outcomes

A Use and justify learning and teaching methods that meet the needs of a diverse student body.
B Critique examples of assessment of student learning and feedback strategies, and evaluate alternatives.
C Review and reflect on their practice, analysing a wide range of options for change and improvement taking into consideration the XJTLU context as a transnational learning and teaching environment.
D Identify areas of learning and development from two summative observations of their teaching.
E Critically reflect on their learning in the light of the UKPSF.

Method of teaching and learning

• Teaching is through the delivery of a range of compulsory interactive workshops
• Participants will be expected to reflect upon their own practice and changes to their practice they have introduced as a result of their experience of the module and attendance at workshops.
• Participants will be required to submit Peer Review reports on two of their teaching sessions at XJTLU where they critically comment on the feedback they have received and propose strategies for change in their practice.
• Support from a mentor (normally a more senior colleague from the same discipline as the participant and/or a colleague with a Senior Fellowship of the HEA).
• Use of the wide variety of resources that are available via ICE, and the Higher Education Academy (