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Using Technology to Enhance Learning and Teaching

Module Title Using Technology to Enhance Learning and Teaching
Module Level Level 4
Module Credits 5.00
Academic Year 2021/22
Semester ACYR

Aims and Fit of Module

This module is part of a professional development programme for teaching staff at XJTLU and all the aims take into consideration the XJTLU context. Its aims are:
• To develop the ability of academic staff to plan, develop, implement and evaluate educationally effective learning, teaching and assessment utilising educational technologies and new, emerging forms of pedagogy in higher education.
• To critically reflect on learning with technologies over the duration of the programme.
• To generate awareness of, and engagement with, the XJTLU Technology-Enhanced Learning Framework.
• To generate awareness of, and engagement with, the UK Professional Standards Framework.
The aims of this module are aligned with the UK Professional Standards Framework, which is mapped to Programme-level learning outcomes and module assessments. See Programme Specifications for details. Alignment of module and UKPSF dimensions is also indicated in the table below.

Learning outcomes

A Identify and design effective learning activities and assessment tasks utilising educational technologies to achieve the required learning outcomes for either a specific teaching session, module or programme.
B Critically evaluate the potential application of emerging models and approaches to higher education provision that utilise educational technologies, such as personalised learning and flipped classroom.
C Critically reflect on their digital skills and digital literacies to support their effective application of educational technologies and tools within their learning and teaching, and create an improvement plan.
D Critically reflect on their learning in the light of the UKPSF.

Method of teaching and learning

• A significant proportion of this module will involve online delivery and online participation by participants. An exception to this will be the face-to-face delivery of the compulsory modules.
• Participants will be able to select from a range of practical, reflective and research-based tasks, including effectively implementing technology into their learning and teaching, evaluating the application of technology-informed approaches to the teaching of their own discipline, evaluating their own digital competencies and digital literacies.
• Use of a wide variety of resources that are available via the institutional VLE, ICE, and the Higher Education Academy (
• Support from a mentor (normally a more senior colleague from the same discipline as the participant and/or a colleague with Senior Fellow HEA).
• Participants will be required to become acquainted with the relevant XJTLU Technology-Enhanced Learning Framework and apply it to their own practice.