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Explore Advanced Technology

Module Title Explore Advanced Technology
Module Level Level 0
Module Credits 2.50
Academic Year 2021/22
Semester SEM1

Aims and Fit of Module

This elective ‘Taster’ module aims to enable students to become familiar with the main content of the programmes offered within the School of Advanced Technology, to provide insight into the type of problem solving mindset adopted in such programmes and to stimulate their interests in the programme subject areas. It also serves as a contribution to developing the English language and study skills of students within the context of the programmes.

Learning outcomes

A Become familiar with the subject matter of the degree programmes of the School.
B Develop study skills that are useful for the programmes.
C Understand the structure and common practices of the modules in the programmes.

Method of teaching and learning

Students will be expected to attend a weekly1-hour lecture and four 2-hour labs/tutorial sessions over the 6-week module duration. In the lectures, students will be introduced to academic and theoretical content as well as practical skills, which constitutes the subject of the module. In the tutorial/lab sessions, students are expected put into practice content and skills discussed in the lectures. This module will also help lay the English foundations that are essential for students who choose to go into one of the programmes within the School of Advanced Technology. Some elements of the module may be co-taught by staff from the English Language Centre (ELC), who will use activities to further develop the English language skills of students within the context of the module. Students may also be provided with online language/study skills support from the ELC to help them engage with module content.
In addition, students will be expected to devote approximately 61 hours of unsupervised time to work in the computer or engineering labs and to do private study. Time in labs will be devoted to work on learning activities and tasks related to the module, while private study will give time for students to reflect on the content of the lectures and conduct further background reading.
There will be one final examination for the module which will be used to assess to what extent the theoretical content and practical skills have been learned.