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Final Individual Project for IMBA

Module Title Final Individual Project for IMBA
Module Level Level 4
Module Credits 20.00
Academic Year 2021/22
Semester ACYR

Aims and Fit of Module

Students should identify, define and explore one or more problems or issues related to business practices or at the forefront of management as an academic discipline. This may be achieved by means of either an in-organisation project, through surveys or other methods of obtaining primary data, through collection and analysis of secondary data, or by a library-based study. The final thesis should demonstrate: (i) an analytical and critical approach to problem definition; (ii) the derivation of appropriate research questions and/or hypotheses; (iii) skills in designing and implementing a suitable methodology for gathering, analysing and interpreting data and information that address the research problem, questions and/or hypotheses; (iv) knowledge and understanding of literature and theory relevant to the area of inquiry, and the ability to apply it appropriately, and (v) the ability to write up and present the research as a dissertation or report in a way that combines academic depth and good scholarship with an appreciation of relevant practical and policy issues (as appropriate) in the field of management and its related disciplines.

Learning outcomes

A. Identify, critically evaluate and apply an appropriate methodology for investigating a an management issue or problem that is more than of day-to-day significance. that forms part of the MBA project.
B. Develop Locate, understand, and critically evaluate previous research (both academic and practice-based), theoretical frameworks and models a critical understanding of previous research that is of relevance to addressing the research topic.
C. Further develop the Demonstrate a rich and wide-ranging understanding of organisations and their management within an integrated conceptual and empirical framework.
D. Ability to a Acquire and apply data gathering and analysis skills and knowledge to perform problem diagnostics, identify root causes, and recommend appropriate solutions to a management issue or problem, and thus demonstrate an ability to conduct independent research.
E. Devise Design a learning experience that is relevant to personal needs and aspirations, and contributes to future career and professional development.
F. Successfully produce a scholarly, well-written, coherent and well-presented piece of work.
G. Accurately, coherently and persuasively communicate the project, methodology and findings in an oral presentation.

Method of teaching and learning

Students are required to submit a project proposal by week 6 of their third term which is summarily assessed and on which feedback is given by the Programme Director and the supervisor.
By the end of week 14 of the third term, students are required to submit to the module leader and interim report on the progress of their project.
The final report should be submitted by the end of week 10 of students’ fourth term of study.
The oral defense of their project will be scheduled at week 13 of the fourth term of study in front of a committee chaired by the programme director and comprising at least three members of the faculty including the supervisor.
All this will serve to keep all parties concerned up-to-date about the project progress with a number of formal check-point mechanisms so that the supervisor and the module leader and/or the Programme Director are in a position to provide the students with support, trouble-shooting advice and feedback should this be required.