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Business Simulation

Module Title Business Simulation
Module Level Level 4
Module Credits .00
Academic Year 2021/22
Semester SEM2

Aims and Fit of Module

Business simulation games (BSGS) enhance learning, since they actively involve students in the educational process through game playing. A simulation-based learning system is adopted in this course for international trade, combining international trade-process simulation and business letter writing. We encourage students to express opinions toward the system and the quality of business letters by using quantitative and qualitative analyses.
Students are expected to improve their knowledge of international trade and business English. This course also aims to let this experience help students learn about how to work better as a team, how to maintain composure, how the business world works, and how to improve their communication skills.

Learning outcomes

A Display a clear understanding of how the multiple aspects of a company are linked together.
B Design and implement short-term and long-term strategies for the virtual company and test this strategy in the simulation
C Evaluate, recommend and implement strategic decisions.
D Understand the most important aspects influencing business communication

Method of teaching and learning

Lectures, class discussion, simulations, role plays, reflective exercises, individual and team assignments.