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Emotional Intelligence and Communication for Managers

Module Title Emotional Intelligence and Communication for Managers
Module Level Level 4
Module Credits .00
Academic Year 2021/22
Semester SEM1

Aims and Fit of Module

This module develops the people skills needed to be a successful [project] manager

Learning outcomes

A Understand the nature of emotions and the different components of emotional intelligence B Identify the relevance of emotional intelligence for management and leadership roles, including teamwork and interpersonal communication 1 Please indicate both XJTLU module level and FHEQ level, e.g. for Undergraduate programmes Year 1/Level 0 is equivalent to FHEQ Level 3, Year 2/Level 1 is equivalent to FHEQ Level 4, Year 3/Level 2 is equivalent to FHEQ Level 5, Year 4/Level 3 is equivalent to FHEQ Level 6, and Master programme Level 4 is equivalent to FHEQ Level 7. FHEQ stands for “The Framework for Higher Education Qualifications in England, Wales and Northern Ireland”. It applies to degrees, diplomas, certificates and other academic awards (other than honorary degrees and higher doctorates) granted by a higher education provider in the exercise of its degree awarding powers. FHEQ is an important reference point for providers of higher education. These are numbered 4-8, succeeding levels 1-3 which precede higher education in “The National Qualifications Framework and The Qualifications and Credit Framework (NQF/QCF)”. For more information please refer to: 2 Total hours must equal credits×30; delivery pattern could include weekly/fortnightly sessions/block teaching/evening etc. C Reflect on their current level of emotional intelligence and emotional skill and its impact on current performance D Identify ways to develop emotional intelligence and emotional skills for future performance

Method of teaching and learning

Theory, reflection and practice (workshop-based approach) The module will contain a professional soft-skills assessment