Module Catalogues

Critical Reading, Reviewing & Writing Scientific Environmental & Ecology Papers

Module Title Critical Reading, Reviewing & Writing Scientific Environmental & Ecology Papers
Module Level Level 3
Module Credits 5.00
Academic Year 2024/25
Semester SEM1

Aims and Fit of Module

To increase a student ability to communicate about environmental science in English, by putting the emphasis on critical reading, writing reviews, discussing science in a group and writing a self-reflection of what was learned from each topic. Content wise, the objective of this course is to train students to think like an environmental scientist at the advanced undergraduate level.

Learning outcomes

A. evaluate different research approaches
B. critically read and evaluate research papers
C. write a critique of a research paper
D. identify common pitfalls in research
E. participate in productive discussion of a research paper and document this in the written reflection
F. self-reflect how reading, reviewing and discussions change the understanding of the content and quality of a research paper

Method of teaching and learning

• All students combined will participate in the common science issue discussion. Discussion will be facilitated by assigning students into smaller groups that report back to the entire class.
• Environmental pollution and ecology students will have different sessions for the critical reading with different papers. If more than 10 students in class in an emphasis area, students will be split in smaller sessions with graduate student TA’s.
Common science issues activities will include activities such as:
• Assigned readings & filling in check-off list before class
• Class discussion
• Tutorial
• Self-study
• Refection writing
Critical reading activities will include activities such as:
• Self-study – reading papers
• Self-study - writing paper reviews/critiques
• Class paper discussions
• Tutorial
• Writing paper critique reflections
• Each student has to lead discussions, either alone or with other students, depending on the class size.