Module Catalogues

# Domain Code Mod Code Full Name Semester
1 ECO ECO223 Intermediate Microeconomics SEM1
2 ECO ECO004 Trends in Economics and Finance SEM2
3 ECO ECO101 Introduction to Statistics SEM1
4 ECO ECO104 Economic Principles for Business and Markets SEM2
5 ECO ECO105 Introduction to Business and Economics SEM1
6 ECO ECO109 Principles of Microeconomics SEM1
7 ECO ECO111 Quantitative Methods SEM1
8 ECO ECO118 Maths for Economics and Business SEM2
9 ECO ECO120 Principles of Macroeconomics SEM2
10 ECO ECO201 History of Economic Thought SEM1
11 ECO ECO203 Econometrics: Theory and Applications SEM2
12 ECO ECO204 Mathematical Economics SEM1
13 ECO ECO205 Econometrics I SEM1
14 ECO ECO207 International Labour Markets SEM2
15 ECO ECO212 International Development SEM2
16 ECO ECO213 Macroeconomics I SEM1
17 ECO ECO214 Econometrics II SEM2
18 ECO ECO216 Macroeconomics II SEM2
19 ECO ECO217 Microeconomics I SEM1
20 ECO ECO220 Microeconomics II SEM2
21 ECO ECO222 Behavioural Economics SEM2
22 ECO ECO224 Intermediate Macroeconomics SEM2
23 ECO ECO225 Issues of Economic Policy SEM1
24 ECO ECO227 Experimental Economics and Finance SEM1
25 ECO ECO229 Dynamic Methods in Economics SEM2
26 ECO ECO301 Financial Econometrics SEM1
27 ECO ECO302 Advanced Econometrics SEM1
28 ECO ECO303 International Political Economy SEM1
29 ECO ECO304 International Trade SEM2
30 ECO ECO305 Monetary Economics SEM1
31 ECO ECO306 The Chinese Economy SEM2
32 ECO ECO308 Financial Economics SEM2
33 ECO ECO309 Game Theory SEM1
34 ECO ECO310 Econometrics of Time Series SEM2
35 ECO ECO312 International Economic Relations SEM2
36 ECO ECO314 Firms And Markets SEM2
37 ECO ECO320 Advanced Macroeconomics SEM2
38 ECO ECO321 Environmental Economics SEM1
39 ECO ECO401 Econometrics SEM1
40 ECO ECO402 Time Series Analysis SEM2
41 ECO ECO403 Financial Economics SEM1
42 ECO ECO404 Macroeconomics SEM2
43 ECO ECO405 Economics for Managerial Decision Making SEM2
44 ECO ECO406 International Finance and Economics SEM2
45 ECO ECO407 Microeconomics SEM1
46 ECO ECO413 Introduction to Business Analytics SEM1
47 ECO ECO415 Business Analytics Dissertation SEM1
48 ECO ECO421 Economics and Finance Dissertation SEM1
49 ECO ECO423 Participation in IBSS Research Seminar Series SEM2
50 ECO ECO416 Economic Growth, Technology And Environment SEM2