Module Catalogues

# Domain Code Mod Code Full Name Semester
1 CEN CEN001 Design and Practice SEM1
2 CEN CEN002 Introduction to Civil and Architectural Engineering Design and Practice SEM2
3 CEN CEN101 Design for Engineers SEM1
4 CEN CEN102 Fluid Mechanics SEM2
5 CEN CEN103 Solids and Structures SEM2
6 CEN CEN106 Introduction to Materials SEM1
7 CEN CEN108 Surveying SEM2
8 CEN CEN110 Geology SEM2
9 CEN CEN112 Engineering Skills SEM2
10 CEN CEN114 Surveying for Architectural Engineers SEM2
11 CEN CEN201 Construction Methods SEM1
12 CEN CEN202 Civil Engineering Project Management SEM2
13 CEN CEN203 Engineering Structures SEM1
14 CEN CEN204 Reinforced Concrete and Steelwork SEM1
15 CEN CEN205 Hydraulics SEM1
16 CEN CEN206 Structural Behaviour and Modelling SEM2
17 CEN CEN207 Construction Materials SEM2
18 CEN CEN208 Capstone Design 1 SEM2
19 CEN CEN210 Water Resources Engineering 1 SEM2
20 CEN CEN212 Basic Soil Mechanics SEM2
21 CEN CEN215 Numerical Methods SEM1
22 CEN CEN221 Architectural Engineering Project SEM2
23 CEN CEN222 Building Services Engineering SEM1
24 CEN CEN301 Structural Steelwork, Timber and Masonry SEM1
25 CEN CEN302 Advanced Soil Mechanics SEM1
26 CEN CEN303 Foundation Engineering SEM1
27 CEN CEN304 Capstone Design 2 SEM2
28 CEN CEN305 Environmental Studies SEM1
29 CEN CEN306 Water Resources Engineering 2 SEM2
30 CEN CEN307 Structural Dynamics SEM1
31 CEN CEN308 Earthquake Engineering SEM2
32 CEN CEN310 Traffic and Highways Design SEM2
33 CEN CEN311 Final Year Project ACYR
34 CEN CEN312 Construction Management SEM2
35 CEN CEN321 Construction Cost Estimation and Cost Control SEM1
36 CEN CEN322 Building Information Modelling SEM2
37 CEN CEN323 Steel structures SEM1
38 CEN CEN325 Timber and Masonry structures SEM1
39 CEN CEN401 Sustainable Technology and Building Materials SEM1
40 CEN CEN402 Sustainable Engineering with Timber SEM2
41 CEN CEN403 Advanced Simulation of Sustainable Structural Systems SEM2
42 CEN CEN404 Environmental Engineering and Management Practice SEM2
43 CEN CEN405 Sustainable Drainage Systems SEM1
44 CEN CEN406 Dissertation SEM1
45 CEN CEN407 Critical State Soil Mechanics SEM1
46 CEN CEN408 Advanced Structural Design SEM2
47 CEN CEN409 Advanced Construction Management SEM1
48 CEN CEN421 Construction Process Simulation SEM1
49 CEN CEN422 Construction Planning and Control SEM2
50 CEN CEN423 Digital Construction SEM2
51 CEN CEN901 Research Methods (Information Management and Expression) SEM1
52 CEN CEN902 Statistical Methods SEM2
53 CEN CEN903 Research and Development in Engineering SEM1
54 CEN CEN904 Current Developments in the Engineering Industry SEM2