Module Catalogues

# Domain Code Mod Code Full Name Semester
1 ENT ENT405TC Work Placement SEM1
2 ENT ENT407TC Consulting Project SEM2
3 ENT ENT409TC Business Startup ACYR
4 ENT ENT101TC Introduction to Innovation and entrepreneurship SEM1
5 ENT ENT102TC Entrepreneurship Concepts and Practice SEM2
6 ENT ENT104TC Futurology and Business Opportunities SEM2
7 ENT ENT201TC Business Model Generation SEM2
8 ENT ENT203TC Leadership and Communication SEM1
9 ENT ENT204TC Corporate entrepreneurship SEM2
10 ENT ENT301TC Capstone Project SEM2
11 ENT ENT302TC Cutting-edge Practice in Innovation and Entrepreneurship SEM1
12 ENT ENT401TC Research Methods for Entrepreneurs SEM2
13 ENT ENT403TC Strategic Management SEM1
14 ENT ENT408TC Leadership SEM2
15 ENT ENT412TC Entrepreneurship and Innovation SEM1
16 ENT ENT413TC Technology Transfer: Theory and Practice SEM2
17 ENT ENT415TC Digital Transformation for Smart Cities SEM1
18 ENT HXA401TC Family Business Governance SEM1
19 ENT HXA402TC Asset Management and Wealth Succession SEM2
20 ENT HXA403TC Business Succession and Innovation SEM2
21 ENT ENT003 Immersive Entrepreneurship SEM1
22 ENT ENT402TC Intellectual Property SEM2
23 ENT HXA404TC Intelligent HRM: Strategy and Practice SEM1
24 ENT HXA405TC Organizational Culture and Cross-Cultural Management SEM1
25 ENT HXA406TC Digital Talent Ecosystem Management SEM2
26 ENT HXA407TC HR Digital Transformation and Implementation Strategy SEM2
27 ENT ENT411TC Strategic Capabilities for Technology Innovation SEM1
28 ENT ENT414TC Technology and Innovation Management SEM2