Module Catalogues

# Domain Code Mod Code Full Name Semester
1 INT INT102 Algorithmic Foundations and Problem Solving SEM2
2 INT INT104 Artificial Intelligence SEM2
3 INT INT201 Decision Computation and Language SEM1
4 INT INT202 Complexity of Algorithms SEM2
5 INT INT301 Bio-Computation SEM1
6 INT INT302 Image Processing SEM2
7 INT INT303 Big Data Analytics SEM1
8 INT INT304 Pattern Recognition in Computer Vision SEM2
9 INT INT305 Machine Learning SEM1
10 INT INT307 Multimedia Security Systems SEM1
11 INT INT309 Multimedia Information Retrieval and Technology SEM1
12 INT INT401 Fundamentals of Machine Learning SEM1
13 INT INT402 Data Mining and Big Data Analytics SEM1
14 INT INT404 Image and Video Processing SEM1
15 INT INT406 Data Mining and Machine Learning SEM2
16 INT INT408 Deep Learning in Computer Vision SEM1
17 INT INT410 Advanced Pattern Recognition SEM1
18 INT INT411 Reinforcement Learning SEM1
19 INT INT306 Computer Auditory Systems SEM2
20 INT INT403 Spoken Language Processing SEM1