Module Catalogues

# Domain Code Mod Code Full Name Semester
1 MTH MTH212 Ordinary Differential Equations and Control SEM1
2 MTH MTH321 Numerical Analysis Of Partial Differential Equations SEM1
3 MTH MTH323 Topology SEM1
4 MTH MTH442 Quantitative Risk Management SEM2
5 MTH MTH002 Multivariable Calculus and Statistics SEM2
6 MTH MTH004 Multivariable Calculus (Business and Arts) SEM2
7 MTH MTH007 Linear Algebra SEM1
8 MTH MTH008 Multivariable Calculus (Science and Engineering) SEM2
9 MTH MTH012 Introduction to Insurance SEM2
10 MTH MTH013 Calculus (Science and Engineering) SEM1
11 MTH MTH014 Multivariable Calculus (Architecture) SEM2
12 MTH MTH015 Introductory Linear Algebra SEM1
13 MTH MTH016 Introduction to Financial Modelling SEM2
14 MTH MTH017 Linear Algebra for Mathematical Science SEM1
15 MTH MTH019 Calculus for Business SEM1
16 MTH MTH023 Introductory Calculus II SEM1
17 MTH MTH025 Pre-Calculus SEM1
18 MTH MTH027 Introductory Calculus I SEM1
19 MTH MTH029 Calculus (Mathematical Sciences) SEM1
20 MTH MTH101 Engineering Mathematics I SEM1
21 MTH MTH101TC Engineering Mathematics SEM1
22 MTH MTH102 Engineering Mathematics II SEM2
23 MTH MTH102TC Engineering Mathematics II SEM2
24 MTH MTH104 Introduction to Statistics SEM2
25 MTH MTH106 Introduction to the Methods of Applied Mathematics SEM2
26 MTH MTH107 Advanced Linear Algebra SEM1
27 MTH MTH108 Dynamic Modelling SEM2
28 MTH MTH113 Introduction to Probability and Statistics SEM1
29 MTH MTH113TC Introduction to Probability and Statistics SEM1
30 MTH MTH116 Foundations of Financial Computing SEM2
31 MTH MTH117 Analysis 1 SEM1
32 MTH MTH118 Analysis 2 SEM2
33 MTH MTH120 Theory of Interest SEM2
34 MTH MTH122 Introduction to Abstract Algebra SEM2
35 MTH MTH123 Differential Equations for Engineers SEM1
36 MTH MTH125 Real Analysis for Financial Mathematics SEM1
37 MTH MTH201 Engineering Mathematics III SEM1
38 MTH MTH202 Introduction to Financial Mathematics SEM2
39 MTH MTH203 Introduction to Operational Research SEM2
40 MTH MTH205 Introduction to Statistical Methods SEM1
41 MTH MTH206 Statistical Distribution Theory SEM1
42 MTH MTH207 Vector Fields: Theory and Applications SEM1
43 MTH MTH208 Numerical Analysis SEM2
44 MTH MTH209 Classical Mechanics SEM2
45 MTH MTH210 Partial Differential Equations SEM2
46 MTH MTH214 Life Insurance Mathematics II SEM2
47 MTH MTH217 Life Insurance Mathematics I SEM1
48 MTH MTH219 Complex Functions SEM1
49 MTH MTH222 Financial Modelling with Excel VBA SEM2
50 MTH MTH223 Mathematical Risk Theory SEM2
51 MTH MTH224 Metric Spaces SEM2
52 MTH MTH227 Fluid Mechanics and Vector Fields for Engineering SEM1
53 MTH MTH229 Discrete Mathematics SEM1
54 MTH MTH230 Symmetries In Geometry SEM2
55 MTH MTH232 Stochastic Processes And Calculus SEM2
56 MTH MTH301 Final Year Project ACYR
57 MTH MTH302 Applied Probability SEM2
58 MTH MTH303 Linear Statistical Models SEM1
59 MTH MTH305 Risk Management SEM1
60 MTH MTH306 Credibility Theory SEM2
61 MTH MTH307 Population Dynamics SEM1
62 MTH MTH308 Mathematical Models of Solids and Fluids SEM2
63 MTH MTH310 Functional Analysis SEM2
64 MTH MTH312 Stochastic Modeling in Insurance and Finance SEM1
65 MTH MTH313 Loss Distribution SEM1
66 MTH MTH315 Geometry of Curves and Surfaces SEM1
67 MTH MTH316 Applied Multivariate Statistics SEM2
68 MTH MTH318 Optimisation Theory SEM2
69 MTH MTH319 Financial Engineering SEM1
70 MTH MTH322 Probability Measures And Asset Pricing SEM2
71 MTH MTH401 Computational Methods in Finance I SEM1
72 MTH MTH402 Fixed Income Securities SEM2
73 MTH MTH403 Introduction to Pricing and Hedging SEM1
74 MTH MTH404 Statistical Methods in Finance SEM2
75 MTH MTH405 Financial Econometrics SEM1
76 MTH MTH406 Arbitrage, Equilibrium and Pricing SEM2
77 MTH MTH408 Computational Methods in Finance II SEM2
78 MTH MTH409 Portfolio Theory and Risk Management SEM1
79 MTH MTH411 Dissertation SEM1
80 MTH MTH432 Actuarial Modelling SEM2
81 MTH MTH433 Actuarial Mathematics SEM1
82 MTH MTH434 Life Insurance Mathematics SEM2
83 MTH MTH435 Stochastic Modelling in Actuarial Science SEM1
84 MTH MTH436 Advanced Statistical Learning Theory SEM2
85 MTH MTH438 Corporate Finance for Insurance SEM2
86 MTH MTH439 Dissertation Project SEM1
87 MTH MTH020 Introductory Mathematical Modelling SEM1
88 MTH MTH022 Mathematical and Statistical Models SEM2
89 MTH MTH437 Statistics and Data Analytics I SEM1
90 MTH MTH440 Actuarial Practice SEM2
91 MTH MTH412 Database Management SEM1
92 MTH MTH413 Mathematics And Statistics For Data Science SEM1
93 MTH MTH414 Statistical Learning With Applications In Python SEM2
94 MTH MTH415 Optimization Algorithms For Data Science SEM2
95 MTH MTH416 Neural Networks And Deep Learning SEM2
96 MTH MTH417 Dissertation ACYR