Module Catalogues

# Domain Code Mod Code Full Name Semester
1 RBETC RBE103TC Electronic Circuits- Analogue and Digital SEM2
2 RBETC RBE104TC C/C++ Programming Language SEM1
3 RBETC RBE105TC Introduction to Intelligent Robotics and Application SEM2
4 RBETC RBE201TC Project, Problem Solving and Sustainability in Robotics ACYR
5 RBETC RBE202TC Programmable Logic Controllers and Network Communications SEM2
6 RBETC RBE204TC Sensors and Instrumentation SEM1
7 RBETC RBE205TC Mobile Robots Design SEM2
8 RBETC RBE207TC Embedded Computer Systems SEM2
9 RBETC RBE209TC Microprocessor Systems SEM1
10 RBETC RBE211TC Dynamic Systems SEM1
11 RBETC RBE301TC System Design in Robotics ACYR
12 RBETC RBE303TC Robot Modeling and Control SEM1
13 RBETC RBE304TC Principle of Intelligent Control SEM2
14 RBETC RBE306TC Computer Vision Systems SEM1
15 RBETC RBE307TC Robot Operating System for Robotics Programming SEM1
16 RBETC RBE311TC Final Year Project ACYR
17 RBETC RBE001 Introductions to Intelligent Robotics SEM1
18 RBETC RBE002 Exploring Intelligent Digital System in Robotics SEM1
19 RBETC RBE401TC Contemporary Mechatronics in Intelligent Robotics SEM1
20 RBETC RBE402TC Robotics Software Design and Machine Learning SEM2
21 RBETC RBE403TC Intelligent Robotics and Applications SEM1
22 RBETC RBE404TC Application of Cutting Edge Technologies in Robotics Design SEM2