Module Catalogues

# Domain Code Mod Code Full Name Semester
1 MESTC MES001 Introduction to Microelectronic Devices and Micro Systems SEM1
2 MESTC MES002 Introduction to Microcontroller SEM1
3 MESTC MES102TC Experimental, Computer Skills and Sustainability SEM2
4 MESTC MES104TC Integrated Circuits Design and Fabrication SEM2
5 MESTC MES201TC Advanced Power Electronic Devices and Electrical Circuits SEM2
6 MESTC MES202TC Digital VLSI System Design and Design Automation SEM2
7 MESTC MES203TC Electronic Circuits and Systems SEM1
8 MESTC MES204TC Microprocessor Systems SEM1
9 MESTC MES205TC Digital Electronics II SEM1
10 MESTC MES207TC CMOS Digital Integrated Circuits SEM2
11 MESTC MES208TC RF Engineering and Applied Electromagnetics SEM2
12 MESTC MES209TC Electromagnetism and Electromechanics SEM1
13 MESTC MES301TC Analog Integrated Circuits Analysis and Design SEM1
14 MESTC MES302TC IC Technology and Engineering SEM2
15 MESTC MES303TC Integrated Circuits - Concepts and Design SEM1
16 MESTC MES304TC Integrated Circuits - Fabrication and Testing SEM2
17 MESTC MES311TC Final Year Project ACYR