Module Catalogues

# Domain Code Mod Code Full Name Semester
1 CATTC CAT001 Exploring Design Concept Generation SEM1
2 CATTC CAT002TC Essentials of Arts Culture and Technology SEM2
3 CATTC CAT003 Exploring Events Management SEM2
4 CATTC CAT101TC Digital Tools For XR SEM2
5 CATTC CAT102TC Form, Innovation and Culture SEM1
6 CATTC CAT103TC Introduction to Storytelling SEM1
7 CATTC CAT104TC Installation Art SEM2
8 CATTC CAT105TC Entertainment Technology ACYR
9 CATTC CAT106TC Principles Of Game Design SEM2
10 CATTC CAT107TC Minor Project Design and Delivery SEM2
11 CATTC CAT113TC Audiovisual Production Techniques SEM2
12 CATTC CAT201TC Form, Innovation and Audience SEM1
13 CATTC CAT202TC Prototyping Experiences For Electronic Arts SEM2
14 CATTC CAT203TC Producing for Entertainment SEM1
15 CATTC CAT204TC Game Development Fundamentals SEM2
16 CATTC CAT206TC Technology and Performance SEM2
17 CATTC CAT207TC Immersion and Virtual Worlds SEM2
18 CATTC CAT208TC Audio Landscape Design SEM2
19 CATTC CAT209TC Image Design, Creation, Manipulation and World Building SEM2
20 CATTC CAT210TC Film and TV Culture SEM2
21 CATTC CAT214TC Directing For Live Action And Animation SEM2
22 CATTC CAT215TC Post Production SEM2
23 CATTC CAT301TC Commercial Project Design and Realisation ACYR
24 CATTC CAT302TC Final Year Project: Moving Image ACYR
25 CATTC CAT304TC Advanced Topics In Art, Technology, And Entertainment SEM1
26 CATTC CAT401TC Cultural and Creative Innovation SEM2
27 CATTC CAT402TC Game Industry and Culture SEM2
28 CATTC CAT403TC Interactive Technology SEM1
29 CATTC CAT404TC Interactive Media Research Project(Under approval) SEM2