Module Catalogues

# Domain Code Mod Code Full Name Semester
1 FIN FIN405TC Blockchain Technology in Finance SEM2
2 FIN FIN425 Investment Knowledge Enhancement SEM2
3 FIN FIN901 Corporate Finance for Managers SEM1
4 FIN FIN102 Foundations of Finance SEM2
5 FIN FIN104 Introduction to Finance SEM2
6 FIN FIN201 Corporate Finance SEM1
7 FIN FIN202 Financial Management SEM2
8 FIN FIN204 Financial Instruments SEM2
9 FIN FIN206 Securities Markets SEM2
10 FIN FIN208 Fundamentals Of Financial Technology SEM2
11 FIN FIN301 Business Finance SEM1
12 FIN FIN302 Finance and Markets SEM2
13 FIN FIN303 Financial Risk Management SEM2
14 FIN FIN305 Risk Management for Business SEM1
15 FIN FIN307 Corporate Finance: Theory and Practice SEM1
16 FIN FIN309 Investments SEM1
17 FIN FIN401 Advanced Corporate Finance SEM2
18 FIN FIN401TC Fundamentals of FinTech SEM1
19 FIN FIN402 Money and Banking SEM1
20 FIN FIN402TC Ethics, Risk and Regulation in FinTech SEM2
21 FIN FIN403 Quantitative Methods for Finance SEM1
22 FIN FIN403TC Entrepreneurial Finance SEM1
23 FIN FIN404 Alternative Investments and Strategies SEM2
24 FIN FIN404TC Digital Finance SEM2
25 FIN FIN405 Industry Research Project SEM1
26 FIN FIN406 Fixed Income and Derivative Instruments SEM2
27 FIN FIN406TC Machine Learning in Finance SEM2
28 FIN FIN407 Financial Strategy SEM1
29 FIN FIN408 Portfolio Management SEM2
30 FIN FIN409 Financial Analysis SEM1
31 FIN FIN410 Advanced Derivatives SEM1
32 FIN FIN411 Advanced Investments SEM2
33 FIN FIN412 Finance Dissertation SEM1
34 FIN FIN413 Equity: Cash and Derivative Instruments SEM1
35 FIN FIN414 Empirical Methods In Finance SEM2
36 FIN FIN415 Ethical and Professional Standards in Finance SEM1
37 FIN FIN419 Financial Derivatives SEM1
38 FIN FIN421 Econometrics for Finance SEM1
39 FIN FIN422 Excel for Finance SEM2
40 FIN FIN423 Statistical Packages for Finance SEM1
41 FIN FIN427 Investment Software and Database Knowledge Enhancement SEM2
42 FIN FIN902 Research Methods in Accounting and Finance II SEM2
43 FIN FIN903 Research Methods in Accounting and Finance I SEM1
44 FIN FIN904 Asset Pricing Analytics SEM2
45 FIN FIN001 Finance and Society SEM1
46 FIN FIN416 Corporate Finance for Managers SEM1