Module Catalogues

# Domain Code Mod Code Full Name Semester
1 APH APH201 SAS for Data Analysis SEM1
2 APH APH202 Pharmacology SEM1
3 APH APH203 Statistics Forecast and Decision Making SEM1
4 APH APH204 Medicinal Chemistry SEM1
5 APH APH205 Epidemiology SEM2
6 APH APH206 Design of Experiments SEM2
7 APH APH207 Biopharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics SEM2
8 APH APH208 Applied Time Series Analysis SEM2
9 APH APH209 Applied Stochastic Process SEM2
10 APH APH210 Applied Regression Analysis SEM2
11 APH APH301 Final Year Project ACYR
12 APH APH302 Bio-medicinal Chemistry SEM2
13 APH APH303 Biotechnological Pharmaceutics SEM2
14 APH APH304 Pharmaceutical Administration and Regulations SEM2
15 APH APH305 Evidence-based Medicine and Meta analyses SEM2
16 APH APH306 Statistical Methods for Clinical Trials SEM2
17 APH APH307 Bayesian Statistics SEM2
18 APH APH308 Computer Aided Drug Design SEM2
19 APH APH105 Chemistry for Pharmacy SEM1
20 APH APH106 Key Skills for Pharmaceutical Sciences I SEM1
21 APH APH107 Key Skills for Pharmaceutical Sciences II SEM2
22 APH APH109 Introduction to Physiology and Pharmacology SEM1
23 APH APH211 Principle of Chemical Engineering SEM1
24 APH APH212 Biopharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutical Technology SEM2
25 APH APH213 Pharmaceutics SEM1
26 APH APH214 Pharmaceutical Analysis SEM2
27 APH APH215 Pharmaceutical Separation and Fermentation Engineering SEM1
28 APH APH217 Clinical Pharmacy SEM1
29 APH APH218 Principles of Pharmacology SEM2
30 APH APH219 Practical Pharmacology SEM1
31 APH APH309 Biopharmaceutical Engineering SEM1
32 APH APH310 Regulatory Sciences and Project Management SEM2
33 APH APH311 Pharmaceutical Equipment and Engineering Design SEM1
34 APH APH312 Principles of GxP SEM2
35 APH APH313 Automation Solutions for the Pharmaceutical Industry SEM1
36 APH APH314 Final Year Project ACYR
37 APH APH315 Drug Delivery and Nanomedicine SEM1
38 APH APH416 Applied Regression Analyses SEM1
39 APH APH425 Thesis Research Project ACYR
40 APH APH216 Drug Action SEM2
41 APH APH002 Introduction to Basic Science of Medicine SEM2
42 APH APH003 Exploring the World Through Data SEM2
43 APH APH101 Biostatistics and R Programming SEM2
44 APH APH102 Mathematical Modeling SEM2
45 APH APH103 Survey Sampling SEM2
46 APH APH104 Introduction to Preventive Medicine SEM2
47 APH APH401 Advanced Medicinal Chemistry SEM1
48 APH APH402 Modern Instrumentation Analytical Technologies SEM1
49 APH APH403 Advanced Organic Chemistry SEM1
50 APH APH404 Modern Pharmaceutical Activity Screening SEM1
51 APH APH405 Modern Separation Techniques and Applications SEM2
52 APH APH406 Advanced Pharmacology SEM2
53 APH APH407 Advanced Drug Formulation SEM2
54 APH APH408 Computer-assisted Drug Development SEM2
55 APH APH409 Advanced Pharmaceutical Analysis SEM1
56 APH APH410 Applications of Organic Chemistry in Drug Synthesis SEM2
57 APH APH411 Thesis Research Project ACYR
58 APH APH412 Probability SEM1
59 APH APH413 Advanced Methods in Biostatistics SEM1
60 APH APH414 Principles of Epidemiology SEM1
61 APH APH415 Survival Analyses SEM1
62 APH APH417 Statistical Computing Using SAS SEM2
63 APH APH418 Analysis of Categorical Data SEM2
64 APH APH419 Clinical Trials: Design and Analysis SEM2
65 APH APH420 Generalized Linear Models SEM2
66 APH APH421 Analysis of Longitudinal Data SEM2
67 APH APH422 Dissertation SEM1
68 APH APH423 Principles of Toxicology SEM1
69 APH APH427 Advanced Principles of GxP and Their Applications SEM1
70 APH APH429 Research Ethics and Research Methodology SEM1
71 APH APH004 Brief history of drug discovery SEM2
72 APH APH005 Diseases, Healthcare and Society SEM1