Domain code

Full name

Department code

ACC Accounting ACC
ACF Accounting and Finance BUS
ARC Architecture ARC
BIO Biological Sciences BIO
BUS International Business School BUS
CAN Communications and Networking CAN
CATTC Cultural Technology ATE
CCS China Studies CCS
CCT Chinese Culture CCTC
CDE Urban Planning and Design UPD
CEN Civil Engineering CEN
CHE Chemistry CHE
CLT Chinese Language MLC
COM Media and Communication FTA
COMTC Communication ATE
CPS Certificate in Professional Studies ILE
CPT Computing CPT
CSE Computer Science and Software Engineering CSE
DES Design DES
DPH Public Health HES
DTSTC Data Science AAC
EAP English for Academic Purposes ELC
ECO Economics BUS
EEE Electrical and Electronic Engineering EEE
ENG English Linguistics and Literature ENG
ENT Entrepreneurship IOM
ENTTC Entrepreneurship BUS
ENV Environmental Sciences HES
FIN Finance FIN
FTA School of Film and TV FTA
IET Industry and Enterprise Tailored Education ILE
IFBTC Intelligent Finance and Business IFS
IND Industrial Design ARC
INT Intelligent Science INT
INTR International Relations INTR
IOM Intelligent Operations and Marketing IOM
IOTTC Internet of things IOT
JPL Japanese Language MLC
LAN Comprehensive Use of Language ELC
LIT Literature LIT
LNG Applied Linguistics LNG
MAN Management BUS
MANTC Management IFS
MEC Mechatronics and Robotics MEC
MFETC Manufacturing Engineering IME
MTH Mathematical Sciences MTH
PGC Certificate in Professional Studies ILE
PHE Physical Education PHE
PHY Physics PHY
RBETC Robotics IRE
SAT School of Advanced Technology SAT
SMO Strategic Management and Organizations SMO
SPA Spanish MLC
TRI Translation and Interpreting TRI
UPD Urban Planning and Design UPD